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Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft And Special Ops On The Frontlines Of Afghanistan- And The Path To Victory (2010)

by Anthony Shaffer(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 4
0312612176 (ISBN13: 9780312612177)
Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press
review 1: The blacked out words, phrases, and paragraphs are frustrating to be certain. Particularly, since, as you get further and further into the book, you wonder if it was really necessary to censor certain areas of information. Shaffer was in intelligence himself, he would know what is DE-classified, and what isn't. As well as what he can and cannot say. I fully plan on getting the second edition to compare and see what has been done in regards to the blacked out sections. That aside, I overall really enjoyed the book. It's nice to see events like this through the eyes of someone fighting over there. Some criticized the fact he has details of his personal life in the book mixed-in with his work in Afghanistan, to which I say, why in the world is that a problem? It's his MEMOIR,... more not a dis-connected history book. If you don't want a human element to your war stories, don't read this book. I seriously enjoyed it.
review 2: Very interesting narrative about the activities of military intelligence in Afghanistan in 2003 - 2004. Additionally, there are some very relevant assertions about our relation to the Pakistani ISI and their relationship to the Taliban and al Qaeda - particularly as I just finished this book at the time that we tracked down and terminated UBL.Based on Lt. Col. Shaffer's assertions about Operation Dark Heart, it also makes you wonder if we might have tracked down public enemy #1 years earlier if the operation had been allowed to proceed.I did not find the redactions terribly distracting, as other reviewers have written. I did find some of them odd, as for some sections, you could play a "fill in the blanks" based on context from other parts of the book (or places in the book where things were redacted, but then not redacted later). I would be interested to re-read this book if Lt. Col. Shaffer's court case is won, and the book is re-released without the redactions. less
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Probably would have liked it, but the redaction was too disruptive.
Would probably been a five star without the extensive redactions.
Great book with interesting take on the war and stellar pacing.
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