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The Napkin The Melon & The Monkey: How To Be Happy And Successful By Simply Changing Your Mind (2010)

by Barbara Burke(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
1401925731 (ISBN13: 9781401925734)
Hay House
review 1: I read this in about 2 hours, so if you need a quick pick me up, pour yourself a cup of coffee and peruse. It was helpful that the protagonist's occupation was in the same industry as I am. It should be described as a Fairy Tale rather than a modern day fable. A fable usually has animals or inanimate objects that have been personified or anthropomorphized. This quick little story only used one example of this with the melons. I suppose it could have been described as a parable, but I feel Fairy Tale fits this better. Especially because of the ending. I actually hoped that Olivia didn't get the position she wanted and then had to learn to deal with that disappointment in the gracious manners she was developing. Or had opted for the route that Isabel chose.Fairy Tale Elemen... morets:Olivia – our protagonist who feels she is a “persecuted” heroine. She is on the quest to win her full time position with Mighty Power despite the challenges of her internal flaws and then climbs the proverbial corporate ladderIsabel – the elderly lady who gave the lessons and left tiny gifts of napkins whenever they were needed. Olivia’s ( and most of Mighty Power’s) fairy GodmotherMighty Power plays our prince in this story – once Olivia conquers all of the challenges she has to face (her a-ha moments), she wins over the love of the Corporation and her new role, leaving the reader to believe she lives happily ever after.Most of the advice in this book was standard self-help advice and always a good reminder – unplugging, listening more to learn more, not taking anything personally. And I enjoyed that it was a quick read -- perfect for an evening coffee shop break. The one part I didn't enjoy was the stretch of the melons arguing in the field and then learning they are all on the same vine and should get along. I understand the author was looking for a way to bring a team together, but perhaps should have just left it with each person on that team sharing their story to help unify.
review 2: This is a very short book in pages and size. I was a little surprised when my order arrived, as I had not anticipated it being so small. In reading I also expected the subject or information to be more somehow, not sure why. To begin with the information is not spelled out in how to fashion it IS a story. The daily grind of Olivia; a wife, mother of twins Nate & Natalie and a new employee of Mighty Power. Olivia a former waitress takes a job as a customer service rep (for the benefits her family needs) in the call center of the local power company. Olivia is having a hard time coping with everything her new job comes with plus the normal pitfalls that we all experience. Luckily for her Isabel a senior rep has something to share. She teaches Olivia steps to dealing with it all. The final outcome is that while this is a story, the "how to" is in disguise like hiding broccoli under the nacho cheese. I feel it difficult to explain the concepts in a step 1 - 2 - 3 format. This is one book you just have to read for yourself. And this book applies to all job formats not just customer service or call centers. What I can share is this my thoughts on " SODA " : Stop Observe Decide Act. - Stop - take one beat, one breathe, one moment, IN the moment, to really see what "is". What is happening IS, and YOU in a split second make the choice " is it good or bad," so take YOU out of the equation and really "see" - Observe. Then make an informed choice, to decide what your "actions" will be. Are your actions rude - angry - dismissive - critical - disrespectful - narcissistic ? Or are you Polite - caring - helpful - understanding - empathetic - the idea of long past "to walk a mile in my shoes," to understand me before you make a character assignation OF me - a complete stranger - because: by my appearance or situation you think you know me - because some guy of a friend of a friend etc. The outpouring of care, concern, & unquestioning help has been willingly sent to Haiti - why can we not live this compassion everyday in our own country, our own states, cities, jobs, homes, and with ourselves ? Yes I finished this in 1.5 days. less
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Simple practical thinking that can make a big difference if people take the time to implement.
A gripping fast book on how to handle stress in today's scenario and unplug to yourself!!
Wonderful, practical advice. A quick read worth reading again and again :).
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