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My Life From Air-Bras To Zits (2009)

by Barbara Haworth-Attard(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
0738714836 (ISBN13: 9780738714837)
review 1: This is a fast, fun read that will appeal to teen girls who are experiencing any or all of the issues Teresa's facing in this first-person narrative. They will instantly connect with her slightly over the top way of dealing with everything from the air-bra her older sister buys for her, to the class system in tenth grade, her wonderful ethnic family and the way she sorts out her thoughts by talking to her Ken and Barbie dolls. Deft and very funny sum this book up very nicely.
review 2: Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comRight from the start, readers will fall madly in love with Teresa Tolliver (the maltese version of Georgia Nicholson, but from Canada).It's the beginning of her 10th-grade year, and Teresa has a lot on her mind.
... more On her to do list:1. Try to find the solution for getting bigger boobs... err, brains.2. Devise clever yet sultry schemes for getting AAA, Achingly Adorable Adam, to finally notice her. Also, making sure that she does not end up with the wrong guy (although you just can't tempt fate... or a friendly match up).3. Trying to become an AN, above normal, while not going below her current status, N, normal, and ending up being an SN, sub-normal.4. Keeping her old friends, especially her best friend, Biff, while befriending the ANs and making sure that some friends are kept a secret.5. Surviving 10th grade - who knew physical education could be such a pain, and that school life could be filled with so many embarrassing moments?Then there is surviving her wacky family, with a mother who won't allow her to have a cell phone; a dad who is antisocial; a sister who just became a bridezilla; and a brother who all of a sudden became an AN and completely hot... if only he knew how to share the one bathroom they have. And who can forget her even crazier grandparents, Nanna and Nannu, who enjoy the old-fashioned way a little too much.Accompanied with the occasional conversation and acting with her Ken and Barbie dolls, the creation of multiple lists and saying what's really on her mind, Teresa becomes a fresh new voice with a humongous heart. Readers will be by Teresa's side as she discovers the angst of high school, the trial and tribulations of fitting in, family problems that include an additional member and the memory loss of another - and ultimately learning that being herself is what matters the most.Get ready to laugh your butt off as Teresa Tolliver goes through her 10th-grade year with the alphabet. less
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Fun summer read. Teresa is a little self-involved at the beginning, but she does evolve.
okay book so farno romance yet...
I finished this a while ago btw!
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