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Both Of Me (2014)

by Jonathan Friesen(Favorite Author)
4.41 of 5 Votes: 3
0310731887 (ISBN13: 9780310731887)
review 1: Clara is on the run from herself. On the road living city to city, she lives by the kindness of donations made to a dummy orphan website. When her backpack gets accidentally switched on a plane for the young man's next to her, her world begins to shift. One night turns into many at Elias' family hotel as she becomes champion to a very unusual young man who lives half in this world and half in the imagined world of Salem. Is he autistic, schizophrenic or have multiple personality disorders- we don't know but Clara will begin to spend more time in the magical world of Salem along with the other hotel guests. Soon she begins to have strong feelings for Elias but fears that if her secret is shared her bond with him will be shattered. They begin a quest and by helping him g... moreet away from himself she will hopefully find herself in the process.
review 2: Wow. The last 25 pages definitely made this read worth it. I was questioning my interest throughout the middle of the work but the ending was my deciding factor between 4 stars as opposed to 3. Clara's realistic internal conflict was intriguing but it was Elias's understanding of his own conflict, and Clara's place in it, that makes this book so special. This piece is more about contemplating personal conquest than falling into an entertaining plot. less
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DNf. Confusing way of starting, and the MC talks very, very weird. Couldn't connect.
I don't even know what to say.... *sob* I can't review this right now.,.
Not quite what I was expecting (or maybe I should say, hoping for)...
Just not for me.
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