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Sex, Sin, And Zen: A Buddhist Exploration Of Sex From Celibacy To Polyamory And Everything In Between (2010)

by Brad Warner(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
1577319109 (ISBN13: 9781577319108)
New World Library
review 1: Brad Sensei is a little vague in many parts of this book. But that doen't mean that this is bad: As I read the book, I more and more got the impression, that "don't know mind" might just be the way to go in many aspects. And more important than knowing exatcly what to do, especially beforehand, might be to "do no harm" and do whatever you can to not throw anything off balance, be it for yourself or those around you.
review 2: I really enjoy reading Brad Warner. I don't agree with him 100% On everything, but from the outset, he hopes that is the case. Any "teacher" worth listening to feels this way.A quote form page 254-255:"As for the matter of authority, any decent Zen teacher will toss back any authority you try to hand her like a hot potato. A hot potato wit
... moreh spikes on it. That explodes. In other words, a decent Zen teacher does not take you authority away from you. Her job is to help you learn to manifest your own authority."Take that quote and apply it to developing your own sense of sexual ethics, and discovering what your most own "enlightened" sexuality is... Whether it is celibacy, monogamy, or some other alternative. It was fun to read, a fast read, and full of good stuff to mull over. Of course, the bottom line in Zen is to sit and stop mulling over everything for awhile each day, just for the heck of it. less
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Another great book on Zen Buddhism by Brad Warner. I left with quite a bit to think about.
Fun to read and serious as well. I'm planning to read his other books as well.
Not as good as his other books...
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