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Snapper (2013)

by Brian Kimberling(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 2
0307908054 (ISBN13: 9780307908056)
review 1: I disliked this book at first. I couldn't get a handle on what it really was. When I figured out that it's really short stories with the the life arc of Nathan and some of his cronies, I began to appreciate it. What a strange mixture of a bird watcher and bad boy! But not really bad, maybe just young and reckless. He is hapless in some respects, kind and gentle in others, misguided, and very very droll. His dialogue and situations are amusing and it all added up to an enjoyable reading experience, once I knew what to expect and what not to expect.
review 2: It reads more like a series of short stories, but I guess there's just enough continuity across the stories that it can be called a novel. Some were boring, some were funny and some were enlightening. I di
... moredn't really like how the author jumped around timeline wise. There was also no background given for many of the characters. It was like you were supposed to know who they were already when their storyline popped up. less
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Excellent, nuanced writing. Never would've thought a book about Indiana could be so interesting.
Interesting writing with fun to read turns of phrase.
I enjoyed this some parts more than others
Enjoyable read.
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