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Thrice Told Tales: Three Mice Full Of Writing Advice (2013)

by Catherine Lewis(Favorite Author)
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1442460768 (ISBN13: 9781442460768)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
review 1: This is an excellent and fun writing resource for young adults. Lewis uses the common nursery rhyme, "Three Blind Mice" to demonstrate an abundance of writing elements and vocabulary. The tale is expanded upon and altered in order to relate to every term. While it is a funny and rather quick read all the way through, it would be especially useful to have handy as a simple reference tool. And if the comical examples don't quite make sense to readers, the book also includes an appendix with more detailed explanations of each term. Funny, creative, and educational.
review 2: Using the nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice" and delightful black and white cartoon-like drawings, Lewis humorously illustrates and defines literary terms and devices that English teachers
... moreeverywhere want readers to know about, and that writers need to know about. The table of contents is two pages (4 columns) long because most chapters are only a single page. It includes terms such as story, plot, immediacy, irony, red herring, leitmotif, interior monologue, allegory, epigram, farce, intertextuality, revision, flashback, cliche, unreliable narrators, simile, metaphor, and conceit, diction, point of view, suspense, deus ex machina, pathetic fallacy, fable, parable, myth, catharsis, allusion, archetype, character presentation (direct and indirect), subplot, grotesque, and more. The three mice, Mary, Oscar and Pee Wee are somewhat developed characters, and the rhyme has been given more plot and setting detail as needed. It's a fun book to read in non-sequential bits, but it probably helps to read at least the first few pages in order. less
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One nursery rhyme - Three Blind Mice - is used to illustrate a whole host of literary devices. (USA)
A great way of showing the different literary elements with one simple rhyme.
Useful; a creative way to explain literary concepts to young readers.
Adorable and clever. Good reference tool for beginning writers.
A great book for aspiring writers.
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