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Desert Angel (2011)

by Charlie Price(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 5
0374317755 (ISBN13: 9780374317751)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
review 1: While the storyline of a hunted teenager who turns the hunter is enticing, the book's poor execution delivers instead a collection of single-dimensional characters, a string of events that do not actually build to an end, and an ultimately small scale conclusion. *Spoiler* -- The book looked as if it was going to culminate in a satisfying end in which a small town works together to stop the wrath of a crazy man and his friends. Had this happened, then much of the characters' discussions would have come to fruition. Instead the main character chooses to go in a direction opposed to the "we have to work together" and "we have to accept help" concepts constantly brought up in the novel. All together, this was a very dissappointing read.
review 2: An exciting young
... more adult primer for sordid crime thrillers. Lots of violence in a deadly hunt, toned down just enough for high school libraries. The opening pages are horrific, and essential to establish the danger Angel Dailey faces from her mother’s brutal boyfriend. She escapes through the Southern California desert. Most of the residents are Mexican immigrants: they want nothing to do with US law enforcement, but can’t bear to turn Angel away. Price establishes a vivid sense of the baked landscape and immigrant struggles, but the key to this book is the action. The tension feels real enough, if a bit overwhelming. Price devotes plenty of time to hide-and-seek plotting, and it’s still almost too frantic to follow. I never was able to build a good mental map of all the hot spots. And the dialogue can be clipped beyond easy understanding, especially given the sprinter’s pace at which this story demands to be read. less
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I really enjoyed this. It is dark but a quick well written read.
I kept hoping the book would get better. It didn't.
Very suspenseful!
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