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Forces Of Nature (2013)

by Cheris Hodges(Favorite Author)
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0758276605 (ISBN13: 9780758276605)
review 1: Crystal Hughes and Douglas Wellington are not only fighting over land but they are also fighting a growing attraction that is interfering in the plans for Hughes Farms. The chemistry between these two jump off from the initial meeting during which Crystal handcuffed herself to the desk to end of the book. Douglas did not know what hit him when he first saw Crystal but he knew his feelings were true. These two are now at a crossroad and must choose...pursue the attraction or do battle to win the land. Great story and the background was good and allowed to see how past actions and revenge can last a lifetime.
review 2: Forces of Nature is the tale of two families each trying to defend their legacy for different reasons. We have Crystal Hughes who has been ha
... morended the Hughes Farm. She will fight with everything in her to maintain the farm from outside developers. Then we have the sexy, powerful Douglas Wellington, III who is hell bent on taking over the Hughes farm to see his father's last project come to fruition. What neither of them know is that this is not the first time a Wellington tried to take over the Hughes farm. There is a family feud that neither set of parents ever told their children about. An entire generation ago, Douglas Wellington, Jr. tried unsuccessfully to wrangle the farm away from Crystal's dad Joel. Was it just business or was it personal? When faced with the threat of losing the farm, Crystal Hughes' 1st instinct is fight not flight. She goes down to Welco headquarters and demands a meeting with old Mr Wellington. She's already envisioned him as the devil incarnate but is knocked off her game with the sight of the fiercely fine Douglas Wellington, III. She is annoyed with herself for feeling attracted to the enemy. Why does he have to be so damn fine! How can you be attracted to the man you're "supposed" to despise? Well she is. Meanwhile, Douglas is thinking she sure is beautiful when she's angry.Crystal comes up with this scheme that challenges Douglas to stay on the farm in a cottage so that he can see and experience the beauty of the farm. Her family attorney who also happens to be best friends with her mom tells her it's a horrible idea but she's thinking that once he sees it there's no way he could want to demolish it. Because of the mutual attraction, you'll have to read for yourself how that plan turns out. If you are familiar with the writings of Cheris Hodges then you know that she is a "romance" writer who takes that genre very seriously. She takes her time setting up romantic partners and never rushes them into their inevitable liaison. We get the back story of each character and the story that takes them from past to present. My only disappointment was in the "mentioning" of Douglas, III's mother. I didn't get my curiosity satisfied with her character. She's alive but where is she now? Is there another book when I'll find out more about her? (Wouldn't mind). I also wanted to know more about the reporter Deloris. All in all a very good story less
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Another good book by Cheris Hodges! Two forces collide and fall in love.
Great book from start to finish...
The plot was engaging.
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