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One Shot At Forever: A Small Town, An Unlikely Coach, And A Magical Baseball Season (2012)

by Chris Ballard(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 5
140132438X (ISBN13: 9781401324384)
review 1: One Shot At Forever is not only a great baseball book, but a great book about team building and defeating odds. Macon High School in Illinois has the talent to be a great baseball team. However Lynn Sweet, their new coach, doesn't know a thing about coaching a team. These players have their thoughts on his ability and the way he is coaching the team which sparks great dialogue between them. There are some strong personalities, which is great to see because it shows how these players need to come for the common goal of winning a state championship. The only problem I had with the book is in the prologue, it talks about how this team won the state championship. This kills all suspense to if this team can do it or not. All in all, I enjoyed One Shot At Forever and I could see... more myself reading it again!
review 2: One Shot at Forever is a book about a high school baseball team making it to the finals of the Illinois state tournament. This high school team's chances were so low saying that their school was one of the smallest in Illinois. Their schools had very poor fields and barely enough money to even buy jerseys and bats. The main character was Lynn Sweet, who moved to Macon to teach English at their high school. His teaching methods were very abstract and many people wanted him to get fired. He played semi-pro baseball and decided to coach the baseball team. The Macon High School baseball team had never been successful, then Lynn Sweet started coaching. He made the team believe that they could do it and the team managed to come in second place in the state, despite all of the critics saying that they couldn't compete against the bigger schools. The book had a good story line and was interesting but there was nothing all to special about the book to make me want to read more of the book. It gives a great lesson, which is if you believe that you can do it then you can. The author then wrote about how all of the players on that team that came in second place are doing now. The team's star player and pitcher, has turned down coming back to the team's reunion back in Macon because he doesn't want to remember the day that he let his team down. less
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Excellent baseball and human-interest story by a writer for SI-highly recommended
I am a sucker for a good baseball story.
Incredible story, very well told.
Great book.
Loved it
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