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Everything I Need To Know About Motherhood I Learned From Animal House (2010)

by Christina-Marie Wright(Favorite Author)
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1452861625 (ISBN13: 9781452861623)
review 1: Christina-Marie Wright is a confirmed vegetarian wed to a confirmed hunter. She's a young woman with a houseful of kids, and she's blessed with considerable smarts, a fine sense of humor, and a can-do spirit that we all can learn from. Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood is a great book to keep by your bedstead, to read last thing at night. The stories are short and fast-paced, chock full of delightful details about family life in Eastern Washington, in a house set in the great outdoors. The author loves being a mother but is frank about the trials and tribulations. No attempts at attachment parenting here or mommy guilt-tripping. No matter how bad your day was, Christina-Marie's was worse or at least more complicated. Yet she manages to laugh about it. Each day sh... moree learns a lesson about life and she passes it along to the reader. Followers of her delightful blog will want to give this book to their friends and family members. Let's hope she survives, because it would be so fun to read the sequel.
review 2: "Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House" is a collection of quick, witty essays that highlight the author's experience in mothering 7 children...although she only gave birth to one.I finished the book in one setting and lost count of how many times I laughed out loud! Christina-Marie's humour, honesty, and self-depreciation while telling her tales provides a worthwhile voyeuristic experience into the chaos that is extreme parenting. From living in a mixed-marriage (she's vegan, he's a hunter/she's liberal, he's conservative) to dealing with birth-parents and navigating life while plans go awry, this gem is both intelligent and incredibly funny! less
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A modern day Erma Bombeck, so if you enjoy that type of humor this is a book for you.
This was a good book. Funny. Cute. But not what I expected.
i want this one... BAD!!!
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