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Hipster Puppies (2011)

by Christopher R. Weingarten(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
0451233298 (ISBN13: 9780451233295)
NAL Trade
review 1: Got this at the book launch event at PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, home of hipsters galore. The event was the "Hipster Puppy Pageant" - where some of the dogs actually featured in the book were on parade. The judge was the author, and he signed books after. So, I ended up buying a book that normally would have just made me laugh and move on when I saw it in stores.It's not much of a read, but the captions and photos are great, and the author's intro is hilarious.A few of my favorite captions (not as good without the pics, but still...)"mandy considers herself a francophile because she owns two daft punk records""these are jules's "dress chucks""of course i'm the dj, i brought an ipod didn't i?""stella's favorite wardrobe includes nonpresciption eyeglasses worn over pre... morescription contast lenses""scottie's itunes folder is better organized than his life""nat will know he lost enough weight when he goes from "girl jeans" to "child husky" jeans""perry could have easily informed the waiter that his order was wrong, but has decided to just write a bad yelp review instead.""beans could totally be the next dave eggers if he just lived in san francisco, had an interestign background and knew how to write""minnie considers green day 'oldies music'""arthur keeps a moleskin notebook... it appears the entirety of his pending novel is 'buy batteries'""luna was so excited to be at sundance, she spent 80% of her time texting 'i'm at sundance'""isabel is pondering whether it's a party foul to spin the fresh prince of bel air theme"
review 2: The reason that I gave this book four stars is that it was just what I needed at the time. I was in the hospital for a six hour operation. I did not need complicated text while in pain, I needed something very simple and heartwarming. A good deal of the pictures had dogs wearing glasses, I am tired of that but I loved the pictures of dogs all bundled up in warm scarves. I think that the pictures were better than the captions so I ended up ignoring most of them.This book makes an excellent gift for anyone who has surgery coming up. Something soothing and doesn't require a lot of thought. It is the second best thing to having a real pup by your side. less
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Who doesn't love puppies? And especially puppies making fun of hipsters?
It's a puppy in a hat, guys. I had to add it.
cute! and also funny, because it's true.
Ridiculous. And so entertaining.
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