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Dirty Little Secrets (2010)

by C.J. Omololu(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
080278660X (ISBN13: 9780802786609)
Walker Childrens
review 1: I absolutely loved this book. The idea behind it was completely original, and extremely interesting. The main character had great developement, and it was interesting to how she worked through her problems, no matter how big they are. There were some parts that were a little unrealistic, but overall the book was a fabulous read. The ending was quite a plot twist, with Lucy triumphing over her problems while still suffering at the same time. I appreciated how intelligent she was, and how she made an effort to keep her reputation and hide her problems from her friends. I loved Omololu's voice, and she made Lucy seem like a real person. I was also shocked to discover that there are actual teenagers in this position. This was an amazing and very intriguing s... moretory.
review 2: This book was about a teenage girl whose mother had the (disgusting!!) habit of hoarding. Overall, not a bad book, but not the best. Quick read. Would recommend. Author's ability to make it seem realistic were good, the book kept me in suspense the whole time though i was VERY disappointed with the ending...who would really burn down there entire house clad with dead mother? I know this was because she didnt want the police to find the mess due to hoarding on the inside as she had kept it a secret and would like to keep i that way however i do not think anyone in that situation would really burn down their home. THis action did not match the character at all, who was shy, calm, and in no way impulsive. less
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Amazing read! I guess you never know what you will or won't do until you are put through something!
Good book. But seems more of a short story.
Very interesting couldn't put it down
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