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Stilettos No More (2000)

by Diana Estill(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Fast read. Estill's mid-life anecdotes are laugh-out-loud funny. Very enjoyable.SN: I like to give my favorite quote('s) from each book I read (I've been slacking). Obviously, my choices resonate with me for one reason or another. The one from this book is my favorite because it describes me so well:"I'm going to get thrown out of my diction class if I don't stop laughing. What the (bleep) is wrong with me? I can't quit having insanely funny images and thoughts when I'm supposed to be serious. Nobody else in my group has this problem. Just me. I'm beginning to think maybe I'm horribly maladjusted. (No response required, here.)".
review 2: I ran across this book while trying to find something to read that was funny. I honestly only opened this one randomly. It h
... moread come in from the author asking for a review and was pretty far down in my pile. I am SO glad that this one caught my eye on that day. I read it on my Kindle and used that "share" button so much, my Facebook friends were both intrigued and really annoyed with me. But there were so many funny stories and quips in this book that it kept me giggling madly. This book was about getting older (I think I busted a stitch with the "shapewear" essay) and about various family funnies that happen. There's nothing here that's Earth shattering; it's a cute, funny, and well written collection of essays about being a woman over the age of forty. I'm not quite there yet myself, but I found myself identifying with so many of the first essays. I think it did lose a little steam towards the last few essays, but they were still funny and heartwarming. Overall, this is a very well thought-out, portrayed and written collection. I'd recommend this for woman over the age of 33 or so. I suspect those in their late 40s would enjoy it even more. less
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Very funny and quick read about aging and issues that a woman has to deal with in being over 50.
Kept me laughing and couldn't put it down!! For anyone over 50 you can so relate! Loved it!
I laughed my a** off! Will now look for the other books she wrote... ;)
A must read for women 0ver 50. What a funny, funny (and true) book!
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