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Poor Man's Feast: A Love Story Of Comfort, Desire, And The Art Of Simple Cooking (2013)

by Elissa Altman(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
1452107599 (ISBN13: 9781452107592)
Chronicle Books
review 1: This was an impulse purchase because Amazon owed me some money from the lawsuit about price-fixing. I read reviews before buying this and I am glad I ignored the naysayers. Although Altman and her companion are nothing like me, I enjoyed reading about their relationship and how they dealt with their food differences.Altman is a food snob. If we had ever met, I am not sure what we would have talked about. I am not about to spend lots of money on odd ingredients. I believe time is too short to finish uninteresting books and also to try recipes that require things like fennel pollen. There is plenty to cook without going to such extremes.However, after Altman meets Susan, she changes and relaxes about food. I am looking forward to trying her onion panade and I was glad... more to see that she learned to eat warm tomato sandwiches.All in all, the best part of this book, for me, is the relationship. Elissa and Susan seem made for one another. I am glad to have gotten to read about such a loving couple.If you like food and you like autobiographies, I highly recommend this story to you.
review 2: Sometimes I seriously side-eyed the author. She was really committed to making me see the superiority of nice, simple food over fancy food. This made her descriptions of the fancy and bizarre ways of cooking funny, but also seemed to take the joy out of those lavish feasts. She also had a habit of just name dropping different chefs and cooking brands in a way that made me have to look up what she was talking about separately. That said, it was a very sweet story, and her and Susan's appreciation of food is adorable. less
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Loved this book.... a beautifully written blending of love, food and the rest of life.
Really enjoyed this book. It's about food, Manhattan and love.What could be better.
an okay memoir. had trouble relating to the author's love of eating fancy food.
Pinkypink x
I just really couldn't get into it- maybe it was a wrong time kind of thing
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