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Ellen Miles

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Chewy And Chica (2010)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: (Mommy's review from 3/4/12) This is, I think, the fourth Puppy Place book we've read and the first Special Edition. Julia likes these enough that she wants to read more and she's picked out which she wants to read first (from the covers and titles shown in the back of each book....
Muttley (2011)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I bought this book at my 8-year-old granddaughter's school book fair. She and I both like dogs, and the puppy on the cover caught my attention. When she spent the night at my house I read the little chapter book to her. I thought it started a little slow and I wasn't sure about t...
The Puppy Place #20: Muttley (2011)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Muttley is a life saver dog!!! He saved the Peterson family, (Only himself, Lizzie, Dad, Charles, and The Bean, Mom wasn`t home), and it`s wonderful! And then everyone has a ceremony to say 'Your a great pup Muttley!' He doesn`t want to get up, he`s a lazy puppy. But Lizzie think...
Gatitos: Cali (2012)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I actually really thought this was a great book for Lucy EXCEPT for the parts where the cat is having an interior monologue. WTF? The thoughts of the cat were, well...stupid. The book would have been wonderful without it. I think most kids can relate to wanting a pet and it is co...
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