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Surviving The Angel Of Death: The Story Of A Mengele Twin In Auschwitz (2009)

by Eva Mozes Kor(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
1933718285 (ISBN13: 9781933718286)
Tanglewood Press
review 1: "really liked it" is not quite right as it was a heart-wrenching memoir, of course, but I appreciated it and thought it was well-done. As I found out after finishing my read, this was Eva Kor's first memoir adapted for a YA audience (which makes some sense as there were explanations of things that felt unnecessary). I thought it was amazing how you could just hear her personal voice throughout the entire piece, which made it that much more compelling. Highly recommend as an intro to the topic.
review 2: This book has been re adapted for a younger audience, the book is good but feel it missed a lot of information about dr Josef mengele and the experiments. Whether the original is more detailed I don't know but would like to read it to find out. Overall the bo
... moreok is good and reads well I just wish it was more detailed with the experiments and the relationship between the twins and the doctor. Found the children of the flames book a lot more informative. less
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This was a fantastic young adult look at the life of a holocaust survivor.
Very excited to hear Eva Kor speak in our community next month.
It is so amazing what people can and have endured!!!!!!!
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