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The Bolter: Edwardian Heartbreak And High Society Scandal In Kenya (2008)

by Frances Osborne(Favorite Author)
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1844084817 (ISBN13: 9781844084814)
review 1: An interesting biography, written in a way that makes it more like a novel covering the rather amazing life story of a woman in the elite, rich and royal circles of England in the early 1900's through the first and second world wars. Intriguing time in history when the wealthy lived indulgently on vast inherited wealth and lived basically spoilt and pampered lives. I found Lady Idina interesting but it seemed her lascivious lifestyle was just a mad chase for love, so just another way of 'pleasing men' and at times this all felt a sad and strange way to live given the options available to her. I have always been fascinated by this time in Kenya, and that Idina was a crony of Isak Dinesen added to my interest. Very fascinating step back into 'Downtown Abby' version of ... morelife.
review 2: Imagine finding out this amazingly modern woman (a forerunner of Made in Chelsea/Live Soap TV celebrities) was your great grandmother. The author Frances Osborne did and so investigated why her great grandmother was notoriously known as the Bolter. I enjoyed the read, the story / narrative is interesting and historical without being overbearing, at times though it rushes on apace to get the whole story in without really investigating some of the other main character motivations i.e the majority of the husbands especially Euan, the first husband and his actions after the WWI. If you love Downton and this period of history, have seen White Mischief or Blixen's Out of Africa films you'll enjoy this. Personally, I don't think she deserved the title The Bolter it was one placed on her by a society that was going through immense changes in the earlier third of the 20th Century, where for a man to leave a woman was acceptable but for a woman to do what ever reason was not. less
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The book itself wasn't poorly written or anything but I found it hard to care about Idina...
Fascinating biography of the five-times-married Idina Sackville
What a fascinating woman for her times. Wish I had known her.
fascinating history. I had no idea there were women like her!
Really wanted to get into this, but it didn't do it for me.
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