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To The Last Breath: A Memoir Of Going To Extremes (2012)

by Francis Slakey(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
1439198950 (ISBN13: 9781439198957)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: Francis Slakey is a scientist and a professor who suddenly realizes his life does not have meaning, is not the kind of life he wants to lead. Thus, he begins a journey to find that meaning, to live the life he wants to live across the globe. When his plan veers off track, he begins to change while almost losing his life and changing his inner core beliefs. This is the story of a person in search of himself. The travels are fine for this, but it is really the challenges resented that show him who he really is and how to really live his life. The story, however, focuses on his life changes rather than some of the amazing feats that he achieves, leaving the reader to question who the author really is and whether this is just another self-centered person trying to cash in on a... more book deal. The book descriptions were fairly good but not as complete as they could have been and may have left the reader wanting for more. However, as a book about learning the importance of science in today’s world and the value of personal interactions and relationships, this is a real winner. It really depends on what the reader is looking for in a book. I received this book as art of the goodreads giveaway.
review 2: I absolutely loved this book. To truly understand Dr. Sklaey's life of extremes I only needed to read a few pages. After that I was completely hooked to the emotional and physical ups and downs that the mountains brought to his life. I could understand the drive to be relevant, necessary, and possibly extreme. I highly recommend this book to those who are and those who are not interested in extreme sports. less
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I remember really liking this book. In fact, I think I'd pick it up again and read it.
A little self-indulgent, but an interesting transformation of the author.
Great book of self transformation!
Edge of the seat reading.
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