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My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper: A Guide To The Less Than Perfect Life (2013)

by Gabrielle Reece(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Meh. While moderately entertaining (I did laugh out loud a few times), I find it difficult to read books written by beautiful people telling you to just love your body already. I did enjoy her take on parenting, though I don't have kids I imagine my parenting style will be quite similar to hers, and I can just picture my 4 year old threatening to "smack you in the balls". I don't know that I would recommend this book, but it wasn't terrible.
review 2: Loved this book - it was the third I've read in the past few months that focus on being a woman, mom, wife in today's world. I loved Lean In and Maxed Out, which I felt were both quite extreme in their viewpoints, but also appreciated both viewpoints. This was a nice middle ground, and felt more like a long chat w
... moreith my best girlfriend than a book (which, perhaps, is what made it so endearing to me). Unlike Lean In, Gabby Reece empowers women to focus their quest for excellence outside of the workforce (whether it is on being a mom or wife, having hobbies, or community service not for the sake of career gain) and not feel bad about it. Unlike Maxed Out, Gabby Reece owns up to the fact that if you feel LITERALLY crazy and have a two year old, it might not be the fault of your work or your husband or your society, it may be JUST BECAUSE you have a two year old (if I have to explain that to you, you've never actually had a two year old). Usually the most passionate opinions for giving up ground on your career in order to give more to your children and husband ("sacrificing" although that word seems to carry a more negative connotation these days than I think it is meant to) is religious at its base. I haven't looked much into the public reaction to this book yet, but my guess is that if Christian women could get past some of Gabby's language, there would be a million church book clubs started on this book. Gabby's views on being a mom and wife are so passionate, and seemingly founded on old-fashioned values with a modern twist, that I kept expecting her to mention belonging to some type of born-again congregation of slightly-hippie Hawaiians. She was completely silent on religion and I have no idea what her's is, if any, but I almost hope she is truly not religious at all. Because it's really nice to hear a woman, from a completely secular standpoint, defend her role as a mother and wife. less
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I was expecting more health and exercise info, not a book about how to keep your man happy.
Fast, easy read. More designed for a mother, but rather interesting for a single gal, too.
Awe! Gabby... I think I like you even more now - didn't think that was possible.
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