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Getting Schooled: The Reeducation Of An American Teacher (2014)

by Garret Keizer(Favorite Author)
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0805096434 (ISBN13: 9780805096439)
Metropolitan Books
review 1: I'm drawn to books about education, and this one kept my interest. Keizer had a lot of thoughtful things to say about his experiences teaching at a public high school in Vermont. He seemed to be a caring teacher, and to have a better than average relationship with his students. He notes many of the difficulties of teaching, and of learning, in a typical high school today. I was disappointed, however, that he didn't seriously question the institution of compulsory education as it currently exists, or envision major changes to make things better.He invites all his students to have breakfast with him once a week off campus, and the only student who takes him up on the invitation is a kid who was previously homeschooled. He notes that the supposed lack of socialization s... morekills for homeschoolers doesn't include the inability to socialize with adults, and that the two of them have good conversations. I wished he had considered why this might be true, and what the broader implications might be.
review 2: Although my teaching situation is significantly different than Keizer's--different parts of the country, different ages, different subjects, etc.--much of what he writes in this memoir explains my situation perfectly. Teachers will love this book because it validates their experiences. But teachers are not the audience that needs to read this book. Lawmakers, policy makers, parents, and all those who judge schools and teachers and find them lacking, need to read this book. Then they can become advocates for positive change in our educational system, while recognizing, as Keizer points out, that ultimately educational reform is impossible without social change. less
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This "American Teacher's" experience and observations are a bit too close for comfort!
Stopped reading midway through.........didn't hold me.
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! More later!
rec on Bob Edwards
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