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The Lost Art Of Walking (2008)

by Geoff Nicholson(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 5
159448998X (ISBN13: 9781594489983)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: I thought the author rather lost his way after a good start; such as listing songs that mentioned walking, which seemed a rather desperate attempt at page filling. Ther were parts that I could imagine wanting to refer back to in future, but without an index it'll be tricky. It's a poor show when a publisher publishes a book which has a moderately scholarly approach to a subject deems an index unnecessary.
review 2: I eyed this in the bookstore for months and finally bought it. I love literature that takes history or anthropology from a unique angle, and walking relates to everyone, right? Was a little disappointed; Nicholson's talent shows through in instances, but is drowned in a sort of name-dropping of completely unexplained factoids and his indulgence in be
... moreing an Angeleno, which means nothing except to other Angelenos. less
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Some interesting parts, but overall it did not hold my attention and could not finish it.
A whimsical combination of history, ideas, anecdotes and personal stories about walking.
DNF. Liked the concept. Poor execution.
A lot of trivia about many writers.
So dull that I couldn't finish it.
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