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I Work At A Public Library: A Collection Of Crazy Stories From The Stacks (2014)

by Gina Sheridan(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 1
1440576246 (ISBN13: 9781440576249)
Adams Media Corporation
review 1: This is a collection of short snippets from the daily interactions at a public library. From entertaining to disturbing to heartwarming, anyone who has worked in a public library will surely find this book entertaining and most likely, oddly familiar. Conversations are catalogued by theme, such as curiosities and wonders, reference work, and human anatomy. I found myself either laughing out loud, smiling, or nodding my head because I've had similar experiences. A short and entertaining read.
review 2: Hilarious!!!!! For anyone who has worked in a public library, this book is a must-read. Also, I think it would be humorous to anyone who has worked generally with people in a public setting. People are funny, and a fantastic subject for a book. One thing I did wis
... moreh for while I was reading was the end of whatever story was told. The author would state something that happened at one point in time, but we would never learn what happened after that patron did or stated something. I wanted more of the stories :( less
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So funny! If you work at a public library, you will love this book!!
Short but amusing. Perfect thing to keep in a bathroom.
Cute book, but I wish it were a little funnier.
Good, but I could also tell some tales.
Highly recommend to any human being.
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