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Hammered: Memoir Of An Addict (2012)

by G.N. Braun(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
0987159267 (ISBN13: 9780987159267)
Legumeman Books
review 1: Being a fan of the genre, I wanted to like this book. I really did. But reading it became chiefly a lesson in what *not* to do when writing. Lesson #1: Always *proofread* your work thoroughly before publishing. From the introduction to the very last page, the volume was absolutely riddled with typos - from a multitude of punctuation errors (missing full stops, too many full stops, sentences beginning with a lowercase letter, missing words, the wrong words) to numerous grammatical mistakes. Okay - so the author can't proofread, and he didn't bother asking anyone to edit the work - not the end of the world, right? Maybe the work itself packs a punch, and he tells a good story.Lesson #2: Give the audience a reason to *care* what happens to the protagonist. From the outset, t... morehe book reads like a lengthy transposed diary entry: 'I did this, I did that; I met this person, and we took drugs; we took more drugs; and more, and more, and...then I met this other person, and we took drugs...' (get the picture?). Granted, there were a few paragraphs that drew me in, and even a few that appeared quite well written. But overall, the manuscript reads as a dot-point listing of drugs taken, acquaintances made, and detoxes attended. Nothing to make me care about the protagonist; very little to draw the reader in.In saying this, I note that there are countless positive reviews of the book. This reflects enjoyment gained by many readers, and is no doubt reassuring for the author. But please - for the sake of the English language - at the very least *proofread* your next manuscript prior to submitting for publication!
review 2: I have come know Mr. Braun as a personal friend over the last couple of years. Having said that I wouldn't provide a positive review if I didn't believe that his work was worth it.To say that Hammered: Memoir of an Addict, is a compelling book is a gross understatement. It's a novel that many readers will find uncomfortable with its warts-and-all portrayal of addiction and the consequent lifestyle. So it should. It doesn't paint the author as an angel, nor does it demonize him. It just simply paints - a gritty and realistic portrait of desperation and of one man's struggle to get through each day. This book is to Australia, what Trainspotting is to Scotland. My sincere congratulations to the author for having the courage to pen such a wonderful work. I have a feeling that if Joe's dad is looking down from wherever he is, he's glad that Joe made it through the journey and lived to tell other people that it's possible to escape the abyss. less
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Twofold message: 1) don't do drugs. 2) don't waste your money on this book. End of story.
Don't recommend it. Dry and not enough of how he turned his life around. Repetitive.
A brilliant book.
good book!
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