‘Holding Strong’ (Ultimate #2) by Lori Foster

Second book in the Ultimate series and wow it hit it’s stride a lot earlier than the first book. Wham, Bam! Within the first couple of chapters we had quite the steamy scene and I appreciated that.

However, If Denver said ‘girl’ one more time I was seriously going to throttle him. How degrading and just rude to Cherry. It got on my nerves so badly. There were times when I wished Cherry held her ground on this a bit more. I know he’s a big handsome man but have a bit of respect for yourself.

And yes I’m aware that my complaining is ironic as i’m reading a romance with an alpha male and that is how it is. But there is no crime in having a female character that is in love AND has self respect.

Any who… apart from that minor issue I really enjoyed this story. It seemed to move a lot quicker than the last story and I think because I had already been introduced to the guys I could just enjoy their antics a bit more.

Both Denver and Cherry were likeable characters. I found Denver to be pushy but with good intentions. Cherry at times annoyed me and I think it was the lack of self respect she had. Not sure if that is a consequence of her upbringing.

I’m hanging to read the story about Armie. More than anything I need him to find ‘happy’. He and Cannon are great characters and I find myself wanting more of them.

All in all, I’ll keep reading, if only to get to Armie’s story.

My rating 4//5.

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