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H Is For Hawk (2014)

by Helen Macdonald(Favorite Author)
4.68 of 5 Votes: 2
0224097008 (ISBN13: 9780224097000)
Jonathan Cape
review 1: This is an amazing, beautiful and lyrical book. I had avoided reading it since the summer because I don't read a lot of non-fiction (time constraints) and this seemed to be about training a hawk and the death of the author's father. Not terribly appealing. But although it is about both of those things, it is also poetical, lyrical and transcends both of those themes. It also weaves in the life of TH White (The Once and Future King) who also wrote a book called Gos which was about training a goshawk. The descriptions of the hawk are beautiful and evocative - as is her chronicling of the process of grief. You must read this book - you'll absolutely love it and will want to pass it on to everyone you know. Great for sixth form reading groups as ... morewell.
review 2: An exploration of grief, a biography of an admired writer, a memoir about a time of near madness, and of course, an account of trying to train the most famously fractious of hawks, the goshawk. Written in the most precise language with not a word wasted, yet beautiful and lyrical, this was spellbinding stuff. Parts reminded me of The year of Magical Thinking in the unblinking fierceness of its regard at how death effects the author; how unbelieveable the world becomes when it remains unaffected by that death. less
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Excellent book, moving and enthralling.
Beautiful, sensitive, insightful.
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