I’m Back From Vaca!

Last week my hubby and I went on a 5 day cruise from Charleston, SC to the Bahamas. It was a wonderful week full of great food, new friends, midday naps, and late night drinks.

My favorite part was having the free time to actually read. I know that sounds very anticlimactic, but it usually takes me an appalling 4-6 months to get through 1 book. To have read through 200 pages in the span of a few days was so relaxing and enjoyable. For those of you who are wondering, I’m now almost through God Save The Queen, by Kate Locke; a great take on werewolves and vamps with an endearing English vibe.

That being said, I also loved the Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake I ate every night, and I really enjoyed the 2 standup comedians and their raunchy sets.

My hubby and I were able to have real conversations uninterrupted by little ones that didn’t pertain to poop, cuts and bruises, or meltdowns. I missed my kiddos, but this mama ain’t gonna lie, it was nice being able to sleep in and stay up late–2 behaviors that swiflty swapped with their unwelcomed counterparts the minute I turned into a mom.

But I’m glad to be back on the web. Out on the sea we had no internet connection and I felt a little anxious at not only not being able to keep in contact with my kids, but not being able to do all the fun social things that I usually participate in online. 1 of the many bonuses of being home.