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Gabi, A Girl In Pieces (2014)

by Isabel Quintero(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 1
1935955950 (ISBN13: 9781935955955)
Cinco Puntos Press
review 1: What a stunning debut for teens! Girls of all ages and walks of life will appreciate this blunt and honest glimpse into the life of a teenage girl that is just trying hard to get by. It's hard for Gabi, on overweight girl with an overbearing Mexican mother, sullen brother, meth addicted father, pregnant best friend, and another one that's gay. Is it too much for life to be normal? She brilliantly narrates her "over-dramatic life" in this diary and fills it with poetry, letters, and daily observations. Trying to accept your family, navigate boys, feel good about yourself and your heritage, and figure out the future are just some of the things she touches on. It's laugh out loud funny and brutally insightful. A must read for teenage girls or really anyone. This book was just... more fantastic!
review 2: Caught between not being Mexican enough and gravitating toward the things white girls do--at least according to her mother--Gabriella(Gabi) Hernandez describes her senior year in a California high school in all its pitfalls and glory as she keeps a journal about her own struggles with self-esteem and related weight issues. But she's not the only subject worth exploring in the journal. She also writes about her best friend Cindy's pregnancy and her other best friend Sebastian's coming out to his family. As if that weren't enough, like just about every teen who ever attended high school, she's caught up in the drama of multiple crushes and physical attraction. As she deals with the mixed messages of her mother and her aunt about how good girls behave, she also keeps hoping that her father, a meth addict, will somehow manage to clean up his act. While the supporting cast with which Gabi is surrounded is strong, and her boyfriend turns out to be a good guy, it is Gabi herself who shows her own strength and the determination not to let her circumstances define her. This is not a teen who needs saving, but one taking steps to save herself. Teen readers will love the inclusion of Gabi's poems and the illustrations in her zine and cheer how she eventually finds her own voice. The author provides ample doses of humor and pathos in this marvelous book as each day provides another struggle with food choices and matters of lesser or more importance. Not only have I known a Gabi or two in my day, but there are parts of her with which I--and I suspect many teen girls--will relate. Gabi's appetite for life is simply refreshing. I was sad to reach the book's conclusion since I wanted to spend more time with her. less
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I really loved Gabi and her exploration of what it means to be a woman within multiple categories.
On hold (on order) at MC. 3rd in queue. Not yet in DC. On hold HoCo. P/U by 12/12.
Really enjoyed this one.
Recommended by Amy.
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