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Stories From A Teacher (2000)

by J. Flores(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I got this book as a free kindle download and glanced at it at first because I have been a teacher myself, since 1989. I see some points in common with my experience and a couple that are really different, but I did find this book to be very captivating for the authenticity of its voice. As a high school teacher, Mr. Flores had more leeway with the topics he covered and more ability to speak directly with his students about real life, and sex, suicide and abuse than grade school teachers have. I am also the Mom to two boys who just graduated high school in the last couple of years and I see in a few of their favorite teachers some of that same honesty and willingness to be less than "proper" to connect with the students. I haven't taught high school since my student... more teaching days, but even in the preschool, severely handicapped classrooms, and the middle school English classes where I have spent the most time, I have seen the same issues. Kids are dealing with so much in their real life, that impacts how much attention and respect they can give to their school life. More important than if their teacher says a swear word in front of them, is if their teacher cares about them. They will learn so much more, and try harder, when they feel that the teacher sees them and cares for them. You feel that caring in the way Mr. Flores writes. The things that were different for me, He writes that it was hard to talk to people about the real world of working as a teacher, because people don't spend a lot of time with teachers, and aren't used to seeing teachers. He also spoke of the one time a parent came to his room without having a prior appointment and a guidance councilor present, as a scary thing. That may be why he only lasted 5 years. In my community, there are teachers and parents mixed in a lot of social situations. If I go to a movie or out to eat, I always run into students and their parents. If I go shopping I end up stopping to chat every time, with families of students. Parents come in and out of the school, and drop by the classroom, and have eaten dinner at my house. Sure, at times the parent is angry and a meeting has to be held, but over-all there is a partnership, a mutual attempt to do what is best for the children, and communication. Mr. Flores, I loved your book and your heart was in the right place, but you should never have been so shielded from the very people who most could support and encourage you.
review 2: This was a pretty entertaining book. I could relate to the author's feelings about teaching. He is both honest and blunt; I cringed at the language he used with his students. I also felt he missed the point. Teaching is a calling. Despite the demands, it's the most rewarding job in the end. Ultimately, he let the negatives jade him. This is a shame given that he seemed to reach teenagers in a very authentic way. less
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Every teacher needs to read this. I can totally relate to the stories told by Mr. Flores.
Free e-book. Any teacher will identify, any parent should read.
I'm enjoying his perspective of teaching young people.
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