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Anonymity Jones (2010)

by James Roy(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 5
1741664535 (ISBN13: 9781741664539)
Random House Australia
review 1: 4.5 starsWow, this book was amazing. The only unsatisfactory bit about the story that bumped it down to 4.5 was that the conclusion didn't feel complete in the sense that we knew exactly where she was heading after that in terms of life. Besides that, I thought the book was great. The author had recommended this to me personally while I was at a book fair and I had finally gotten down to reading this. I think the part about the book that was the most realistic to me was the characterisation. James Roy had told me that he got his characters' reactions, dialogue etc. from schools that he had visited and conversations that he had overheard. All I can say was that it really worked for the book. And well done to him for bringing in the less popular topics that are a bit awkward... more to write about into the book. Great job overall.
review 2: I adore the tone of this book. It's written in third person pov as opposed to first person (which is refreshing for teen girl voices) I am surprised at how much I personally learned about Anonymity and how much I cared. Roy is an absolutely master when it comes to weilding words, I couldn't find a dud sentence and EVERY single paragraph was witty. An airy, delightful style pared with a very heavy topic. The only downfall is I can see it being unpopular because of this very reason... and me being unpopular for looking like I am championing it. It ended the way I probably would have ended my story (as opposed to neccessarily the RIGHT way) if I was Anonymity. Which goes to prove that Anonymity is every and no girl at the same time. I'm giving it a 5 not for messages in the subtext, but because of the storytelling. less
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Fantastic book, extremely well written and completely sucks you in then twists your tail.
This was a quick and enjoyable read covering some pretty huge issues in a great voice.
I need to talk to someone about Sam.
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