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A Teoria De Tudo: A Extraordinária História De Jane E Stephen Hawking (2014)

by Jane Hawking(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
8567028515 (ISBN13: 9788567028514)
review 1: I saw the movie and was so intrigued I had to read the book. I'm glad I did. There was so much more to the story than the movie showed. Both Stephen and Jane Hawking are incredible people. I loved reading the human side of their story that was epic in its genius, love, joy and pain. I am amazed that they were able to have a family and accomplish so much in that way in the midst of great adversity.
review 2: I have never read something so in depth before. To hear the struggles the whole family have had to go through was inspiring,inspiring to see that at the end of it all they both could stay friends,i wish sometimes my Marriage had gone that way. But then again being controlled is not what a woman wants in life. Really want to see the Movie now to see how they
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interesting story, but I could not get through this book...
Brilliant. So detailed and such an insight.
Dry and boring. Couldn't make it through.
Couldn't get into it.
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