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Designated Fat Girl: A Memoir (2010)

by Jennifer Joyner(Favorite Author)
2.87 of 5 Votes: 5
0762759623 (ISBN13: 9780762759620)
review 1: I liked this book because it provided an entree into a world I'm not familiar with. It was a window into the pain of the morbidly obese. It gave me more empathy, that's for sure. My primary criticism of the book is that it had no reasonable timeline. The story would have been MUCH improved if it was told cronologically. Instead she broke it up into topic-related chapters, but it made no sense to me. I couldn't follow her ups and downs with weight and had no handle on her journey by the close of the book. Unlike others, I totally "got" her binging, her soda addiction, and her inability to diet. The secretive behavior, the emotions that her binging triggered, it all rang true to me. It was freeing in a way to have someone write about such shameful topics so openly. Interesti... moreng book, frustrating format, but a worthwhile read.
review 2: TRAIN. WRECK. this women is why people hate fat people. she had more problems than being just fat, which she didn't really figure out until the end of the book. hello?!? depression? coping problems? i could see those from the first fucking chapter. but GOD FUCKING FORBID she take PILLS.she lied to her doctors. she hid food from her family. yes, she was a food addict, but that is an issue COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the fact that she is/was fat. treat the addiction. treat the depression. work on your coping skills so that you can cope in ways that don't involve 2 supersize meals. don't just whine about being fat.the only chapter i could even relate to was toward the end where she talked about being in the pool at 10 years old and lusting after a 16 year old boy, who then came over and told her she was uglier than hell. and that stayed with her her whole life. she didn't question it--she accepted it as truth. and that i could really relate to and understand.the rest of the book was just ridiculous. you don't lie to you health care providers. you don't wait to try on your wedding dress until 2 weeks beforehand. you don't like to TWO friends about bridesmaid dress sizes. yes, she was fat. but the bigger issue is that she was irresponsible and unreliable and suffering from some major depression. less
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Interesting but it jumped around for no apparent reason way too much.
This memoir is very real, raw, and definitely a page-turner.
what a dreadful little book!
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