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Home Truths (2010)

by Jill MacLean(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
1897151969 (ISBN13: 9781897151969)
Cormorant Books
review 1: I read this book awhile ago but I thought this book isnt like the rest of the selections in red maple. It seems like it could almost be a documentary. I found this book really sad, and i now have a better understanding of child abuse. When i started reading this book i didnt think i would like it, but in the end, i liked it. At points it can be kind of boring but other parts are kind of interesting and informative.
review 2: Home truths is a sad story about a boy how is mistreated by he father and ignored by is mother.The minute he turns 16 he is planning to leave but one thing is holding him back-the fear of his father using his 4 year old sister has his new punching bag.i recommend this book for people who like true story's(Because we all know that this happe
... morens to many people in the world) and books on growing into a new better person. less
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It was such a good book. the storyline is so sad, I feel so bad for Brickson. I rate it 5 out of 5.
By a good friend and wonderful writer of fiction for young adults
This book is so sad and touching! I seriously loved it! :)
Heart Wrenging, yet hopeful!
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