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Ledge: An Inspirational Story Of Friendship And Survival (2011)

by Jim Davidson(Favorite Author)
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1299091474 (ISBN13: 9781299091474)
Ballantine Books
review 1: Great read and account of an awesome mountain, two friends, and an unfortunate outcome. This story means a lot to me as I attempted to summit it with a group of friends but the mountain won when we were forced to abandon our attempt due to unstable conditions 2/3's up the mountain. The sights, sounds, and humbling experience of nature and man. This read brought back memories of our trek which pail to his and his lose of his great friend Mike. Jim has learned and continued to appreciate life and mike lives on in his spirit.
review 2: Mike Price and Jim Davidson were friends and climbing partners. During a climb on Mt. Rainer, tragedy happens and they both fall 80 ft inside a hidden crevasse on one of the glaciers. Not just a survival/adventure story, this st
... moreory is a metaphor for life. We all fall into hidden crevasses sometimes in life-what do we do about it? This is an excellent story about the hidden capabilities that we all possess when we have the ultimate motivation. less
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i want to read this because i want to see how one man survived, then how he reacted after
Great book! Though it could have been sped up a little!
Gripping. Moving.
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