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God Sleeps In Rwanda: A Journey Of Transformation (2009)

by Joseph Sebarenzi(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
1416575731 (ISBN13: 9781416575733)
Atria Books
review 1: A powerful story, well told. He gives great insight into the history and politics of Rwanda, its 1994 genocide, and efforts to rebuild afterwards, based largely on his personal experience. Most powerful, though, is his positive message of reconciliation and commitment to his country, which persists despite great tragedy and those who conspire to hold power for themselves at the expense of others.
review 2: Very interesting read for those interested in the current state of affairs in Rwanda written by a man who had to escape his country out of fear for the lives of himself and his family after serving in the Rwandan Parliament. Gives a new perspective on the current president of Rwanda and on what needs to happen in the areas of peace, harmony, forgiveness an
... mored reconciliation, not only in Rwanda, but in our own hearts. less
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An excellent nonfiction account by someone whose family was killed in the genocide there.
Beautiful book by a phenomenal author. Enjoyed this book and the direction that it took.
An amazing historical account of the Rwandan genocide.
I enjoyed this story very much.
lots of new info
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