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Retro Geeks (2012)

by Karen Mueller Bryson(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 4
1475046707 (ISBN13: 9781475046700)
review 1: This is a "short on time" teen book. And short it is. At under 100 pages it took me only 45 minutes or so to read. But since the characters are two senior girls in high school, I assume that it is still considered a YA book. I was really excited when I saw the theme of this book was the 80s. I love 80s music. But unfortunately Retro Geeks fell short of my expectations. (pun unintentional, but maybe fitting) Retro Geeks read more like a middle grade book with older characters. Ollie, the younger brother and youngest character in the whole book, was actually the most mature.I liked Ollie and Ally, but Molly (the other main girl) got on my nerves. And virtually all of the other characters were mean girls or other high school cliches, and all very immature. And don't get me wr... moreong, sometimes I love a good cliche but all of the characters in this book felt so one dimensional and flat to me. I couldn't connect with any of them or even get to know them. And that was probably due to the fact that the book moved so fast since it was trying to build a complete story in about 85 pages, which is a very tall order.Now that is not to say that this book was the worst ever or anything like that. It had a lot of potential. I think that it could have been a lot better developed and the characters could have been fleshed out more and then there would have been a more compelling story. There was a whole lot of telling and not showing going on. It just felt very rushed to me.I think that younger readers would appreciate the story more than any YA audience. Even though the characters were all around 17 years old, they acted much, much younger. So I would say that this book would be best for girls around 9-12 who are looking for a quick, cute read. I don't think I will be trying anymore short on time stories. I like my books more developed that this one was. I would however, be interested in seeing a full length novel by this author to see more of her writing style. Her writing wasn't bad it just read more like a story outline or shell. The bullet points were all there but no detail and no meat. Retro Geeks was cute, but just not for me.
review 2: Retro Geeks is a hilariously funny short read that will also touch your heart. Karen Mueller Bryson has penned a beautiful story about two best friends who are finding their own identity apart from each other and learning to love who they are and growing in self-confidence to be proud of it. Molly and Ally have been best friends forever. They also have a love for the 80s. They live for the 80s in their music, dress, and hairstyle—they are retro 80s’ geeks. This is their senior year and for once Molly and Ally would like to be in with the popular teens, and they want to go to their prom with the popular hot guys, which of course are the jocks, Tank and Hank. Elisa is the Queen of Mean along with her want-to-be side-kick, Megan. Elisa loves to hurt others and to finish out her high school years of being queen of mean, her last mean deed to absolutely crush Molly and Ally and their hopes to go to the prom with hot guys. Elisa decides to give Molly and Ally what they want and lets them be a part of her popular group and have Tank and Hank ask them to the prom, but miss queen of mean is going to get some of her own mean back when Molly and Ally gives Elisa and Megan some long overdue karma.Tucker and Dylan are the two guys that have been crushing on Molly and Ally. These two guys want so badly to ask the two girls to the prom. But Molly has her mind set on her and Ally being a part of the popular kids and going to the prom with two hot jocks. I love Tucker and Dylan. These guys are great as they never let their egos get bruised and they never lose hope to take Molly and Ally to the prom.Retro Geeks is a wonderfully cute, fun story of two beautiful retro geek girls discovering who they are, and how to be proud of it. And also seeing that the real hot guys are just as geeky as them. I enjoyed that Bryson gives us some of the greatest hit songs of the 80s with the background story of the song artists. I recommend Retro Geeks as an awesome coming of age story and a hilarious “get even” with all the mean girls we all new in high school theme. less
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Self-proclaimed geeks like myself... and they wrote a book about it. I would love to read this book.
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