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His Kind Of Perfect (2000)

by Kinsley Gibb(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 2
1500720003 (ISBN13: 9781500720001)
Sugar Bay
review 1: I give this a 4 out 5 stars. This is a sweet romance. Anabelle is someone who is pitied by a lot of people over her broken marriage. She is looking to begin again but when so many people have their opinions on who she should go out with. She has her own idea. Derek is a whole handsome man. He is a carpenter that is a little younger then Anabelle is. He likes her he just isn't sure how to tell her. Anabelle and Derek start out having a working relationship. He would like have more but she doesn't because he is younger and is afraid of how it would look. Then when her cousins wedding date keeps getting closer and she doesn't have a date. She begins to think. Derek is just waiting and buying his time. Does he wait for her or does he get tired and move on? Till next time - Swe... moreets Books(Written by Lisa - SBAH)
review 2: His Kind of Perfect is a great start to the series. I really enjoyed this sweet, sexy story about Anabelle and Derek. The secondary characters are great too....I can't wait to hear more of their stories. Anabelle has been the talk of the town since her husband came out of the closet and they divorced. She is tired of being pitied by everyone and finally ready to start dating. She's fantasized about hot steamy sex with Derek, the young hottie carpenter, but thinks he's just too young and she's afraid she'll ruin their business relationship. Derek has wanted more than just a working relationship since he moved into town to help his widowed sister with her kids and began doing business with Anabelle. She has starred in many of his sexual fantasies since the moment he first laid eyes on her. He's just bidding his time waiting till he gets the signal from Anabelle to precede. less
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A cute, quick read with very appealing leads in Derek and Annabelle.
cute and sweet and hot.... the sex in this are sizzling.
DNFing - can't get into this one
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