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How To Make Love To A Martian (2013)

by Karrine Steffans(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
Steffans Publishing
review 1: I enjoy Karrine's writing as much as I love the fact that she names names. This is a quick read that details Karrine and rapper/music mogul Lil Wayne's relationship in all it's complication. Honestly, the details shared that surrounded her semi-consistent relationship with Lil Wayne weren't relatable for me and I admit that I did throw a side-eye and held some mental judgements that I have no problem keeping to myself. The parts that I connected with were the insecurities she harbored due to the affects of unhappiness and of course the general complication of love. It's different for all of us but she made me feel that something about their love story and bond (though untraditional) is kind of, dare I say, nice? Endearing? Eh, maybe not but it's certainly interesting. This... more book made me feel like I took a guided tour not only through her private life but also through her mind and heart. Her emotions were described clearly yet eloquently and although some of the events that's took place were risqu�� sometimes verging on disturbing the book was a touching profession of love.
review 2: Ok I finished Karrine Steffans' new book, How To Make Love To A Martian, in like TWO HOURS! Are you kidding me?? It was too scandalous...I couldn't put my phone down. So, here's my honest review. I love how vulnerable she allows herself to be in this memoir of her trysts with Wayne. The depth she shows and how she slowly peels back the layers of their demented/obsessive relationship leaves you scrolling through each and every chapter knowing you have to get up in the morning. If you've ever completely lost yourself in a partner, you will definitely relate to her numerous,and sometimes desperate, attempts to keep him a part of her life. At times, her recollection of certain events seems grossly exaggerated. However, she doesn't skip out on the entertainment and this titillating tale does not disappoint. Overall, VERY MUCH worth the $2.99 and I can't wait for the two remaining chapters in this trilogy.  less
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Karrine keeps it real.I just hate that she was trying to use friends to make the other jealous
I hope Karrine comes to her senses in part two great read though one of her best books
Even Though I'm Not A Fan Of Hers This Book Was Pretty Good !
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