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The Archaeology Of Home: An Epic Set On A Thousand Square Feet Of The Lower East Side (2011)

by Katharine Greider(Favorite Author)
3.01 of 5 Votes: 5
1586487124 (ISBN13: 9781586487126)
review 1: Reading a book about a house literally falling down and being condemned by the city (while families are actually living in it and paying mortgages on it) really isn't the best pick when you think that your very own shower/bathtub may be descending into your kitchen. My own anxieties aside, I especially enjoyed the neighborhood sketches as you get a real sense of how this lower east side street evolved in terms of its occupants from the mid-1800s to the present. I also could relate to Greider's struggles in that it must be hugely stressful to have this happen to one's home. However, her privilege is clear in that they are able to sell their officially *condemned* building for over a million dollars. Oh, the wonders of NYC real estate. Anyway, it was engaging in parts an... mored slow in other places, but overall enjoyable.
review 2: I won this book from firstreads..... Lucky me!Well, maybe not so lucky me. The idea sounded fascinating so I thought I'd like it..... but I really didn't want to read a textbook. Sorry but I couldn't get into it. I enjoy a well researched book but not one with a footnote in every other sentence. I just don't like to 'work' that hard at reading when I'm just reading for pleasure. I never stop reading a book without finishing it but this one made me do it. less
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REVIEW COMING VERY SOON!!!! Won this book in a First Reads Giveaway!!! Will post review SOON....
I won this book on Goodreads giveaway-I can't wait to read and review it.
Just didn't ever get engaged in the story. Not for me.
Wonderful concept, but a boring, convoluted read.
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