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Sidelined (2013)

by Kendra C. Highley(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
Entangled: Teen
review 1: A nice book which offers a different perspective on substance abuse.Genna is an athletic, popular girl who is looking forward to an athletic scholarship and leaving for college. Then, the unthinkable happens. During a basketball match Genna is hit, falls to the ground and messes up her leg. It's a miracle that she can walk again - but playing professional basketball is no longer an option. Feeling lost, confused and without any kind of hope Genna isolates herself from her friends, family and her new boyfriend. She wants to hide her pain and disappear from her old life. So, she starts taking strong pain medicine - at first only to sustain the pain, then to sustain her life. I actually very much liked the first half of the book. The progression of the addiction is believable... more, Genna's struggles and doubts regarding her life are very relatable. I loved how her father, her friends and Jake tried everything in their power to support her. But, unfortunately, the book wasn't able to keep me interested for long. After her addiction was adressed and she started going to therapy it become soapy pretty quickly. Not a bad book, not at all, just nothing special either.Recommended to anyone who is interested in a rather light read about the topic of substance abuse. Other (older) readers might prefer a more mature and in-depths exploration of the topic.
review 2: For Genna Pierce everything was beginning to fall into place. Her basketball career is progressing and scouts are interested, she has caught the eye of her crush Jake Butler, and she is hoping her dream is about to come true with getting a scholarship into college. The only negative in her life is her parents arguing, but she can live with that. Everything is perfect, until it all comes shattering down around her and she can't play anymore. Even when she tries to push Jake away, he is by her side. As she begins a downward path with the help of pain meds, everything deteriorates around her, but if she can find it within herself she can change a negative into a positive.I so felt for Genna, she has a bright future and then it implodes. I thought that the way the author handled her addiction was eye opening and very well written. Loved Jake, he is a trooper and a little bit of bad boy was mixed in there to be able to identify with him. Excellent read. less
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This book proved to be so much more than I was expecting.
The book releases October 1, 2013. Yay!
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