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Holly Hearts Hollywood (2014)

by Kenley Conrad(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 3
Swoon Romance
review 1: Holly Hart isn’t your typical girl. She’s over weight and has face full of acne. Surprisingly or not (if Susan Boyle has taught us all anything its not to judge someone’s voice by their appearance) she has an amazing voice. After sharing a video of herself on YouTube singing she has caught the attention of a record label in LA. Holly isn’t popular if you couldn’t tell by her description but she’s got two really cool friends Meredith and Amanda they are their towns token gay couple. Her grandparents don’t care much for her mother not since their son, holly’s father died.So when she flies to LA from Iowa she’s sad but it’s not like she’s leaving behind much. At the meeting it’s revealed that they want her voice not her. They want a milli vanilli situa... moretion. And she agrees to it. After some struggle. And omg how have I forgotten to say this. Holly Hearts Hollywood is completely written from Holly’s journal. First few entries I assumed that’s how it should be and somewhere around the middle it occurred to me that we never got out of the journal. This didn’t bother me one bit however I was very curious, like why didn’t anyone just snatch the journal out of her hands. How did no one get a hold of it and expose her. How did she write while in a vehicle? I get car sick maybe I’m just envious.So yeah she agrees do this to be the voice from a puppet. And the puppet is kind of a bitch. She treats Holly like crap but other times she is almost friendly. Shes a mess. Lucky for Holly she’s made a great friend with the record execs. Daughter Serena. Serena is a really cool chick and I was happy Holly had someone like her on her side. Since Holly is just the voice she is forbidden from telling people that she is the voice. Only a few people on and Serena is one of them. Theres also Keller who I wasnt fond of from day uno. But Ill let you form your own opinion on that dude. Obviously Hollys life changes drastically shes her friends from Iowa are still there and still as supportive as they can be considering they don’t know and think shes just interning. And then Greyson steps into the picture.Greyson TORMENTED Holly growing up and now they are label mates. Holly hopes he doesn’t recognize her and by all accounts she has been successful. UNTIl he lets her know hes known all along. Not only that but he likes her!! And like im torn because he’s this huge country star but he seems really humble and genuine when they are together. BUT he did a lot of damage to her more than I think even he realized. PLUS hes dating the face, the puppet Lacey.I read this book in like a few hours once I started I just couldnt/wouldnt stop. I mean I just had to keep on going. I was reading assuming its a stand alone so I at one point Lacey does SNL and well I was waiting for the Ashlee Simpson moment. I’m not telling if it happened or not. I’m kinda a jerk that way. So yeah I believed it to be a stand alone and when I got to the end. I was ssooo convinced I was missing pages the story couldnt END like that. It just COULD NOT END LIKE THAT. So I did what any other person would do and I tweeted Kenley. Im happy to say it is a SERIES! HUGE HUGE sigh of relief came from this girl. While it wasn’t really a cliffhanger ending it left a lot of questions unanswered and well created more questions. I’m so excited to continue with this story.If your looking for a great one sitting read this is so the book for you. I didnt get up for 4 hours sure I was a little sore but it was totally worth it.
review 2: Ever wanted your fifteen minutes of fame and posted a video of yourself on Youtube ? Holly Hart has an amazing singing voice and has always dreamt that one day she will be a star. Turns out that her voice is going to be a star but not her per se as she is offered a recording contract . Holly Hart though does not fit the singer profile but her voice is amazing so Holly's family and her move from their small town Cedar Junction in Iowa to LA and Hollywood where she signs a contract to be the voice. Soon Holly finds all her dreams coming true including making new friends and famous ones at that and becoming a star - well sort-of. As the novel goes along though, Holly starts to wonder whether being famous is all that it is cracked up to be and then finds herself stuck in the middle as she doesn't know whether she should be lumped with the interns as she's technically not an intern or hanging out with the real "celebs" as she's not officially famous. Holly Hearts Hollywood is a nice teen read with a feel that reminds me of The Princess Diaries crossed with A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. It is also a book where the main character starts to find herself and who she really is and climbs out of her shell.If you are looking for a fun read that has a musical note to it , then check out Holly Hearts Hollywood. The content in this book can also classify it as a Clean teen read. less
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I really enjoyed this book, loved how it was resolved, and yeah, just a great book!
Received an arc for a blog tour. Review to come.
This was so fun! Review to come.
The guy had no depth at all
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