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1,001 People That Suck (2013)

by Kerri Kochanski(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: I feel like Kerri got bored one day and decided to just bullshit a book just to do so. The appeal of the book itself is not very satisfying. Each page contains about 3-4 sentences of people that suck, which is the purpose. The sentences were kind of bland, they didn't keep my interest. There are pictures, but they look like they were just pasted onto a word document and published that way. I'm a bit disappointed because I was really anticipating this when I won the copy. But looking on the sunny side of things, I can imagine it being more humorous when read aloud to friends and making comparisons to people you know. I just, I don't know. Still not my kind of book.
review 2: I won the book in a Good Reads contest back in August (I think). Shortly after I became
... morevery busy, and I just got around to reading it...ANYWAYS, it was funny. Not one of the funniest books I've ever read, but definitely a good chuckle here and there.There were a few points that made me think because... Wow, that person who sucks could be me. Other than that, it was funny.A good, quick read. It's literally just a list of PEOPLE WHO SUCK. Fairly accurate, and lots of little clip arts. less
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Very funny but there is use of a lot of bad language that just made it sound immature
not everyone is suck. interesting to know how someone else think about someone.
fun and funny - loved the different sucky scenarios
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