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Blind Hope: An Unwanted Dog And The Woman She Rescued (2010)

by Kim Meeder(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 1
1601422806 (ISBN13: 9781601422804)
Multnomah Books
review 1: This was interesting and at times sweet...but just tooo long. It would have made a great magazine article or little pamphlet, but I felt like the material was stretched in order to write a full length book. Past conversations seemed to be called up and rewritten...who knows if that was how they had actually panned out? I appreciate the message being presented, but I just couldn't get myself to finish the book in it's entirety.
review 2: Honestly, I was expecting something else when I got this book for my e-reader. I went with the assumption that this book was along the lines of my current fascination with reading about animal rescue. Instead I found a book that focused more on the woman who adopted the dog and her struggles with religuin. While a descent rea
... mored, I cannot honestly say that it was one of my favorites. It felt like the author was using flowery language just for the sake of sounding pretty rather than to actually add to the book. The main focus in the book is the woman's trek to find her way back to God, the path that she follows is laid by the dog she adopts. Again, it's interesting, just a little more flowery than suits my taste. less
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I love the life lessons learned in this book!!
A bit cheesy but a good story altogether!
Recommended, but was too preachy .
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