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Surprised By Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being A Mom (2014)

by Lisa-Jo Baker(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 1
1414387857 (ISBN13: 9781414387857)
Tyndale House Publishers
review 1: If I could give every new mom I know one gift it would be this book. I wish it had been around when I was in the trenches of baby/toddler parenting but even now as my kids are growing up, Surprised by Motherhood is a boost of encouragement from a been-there, done-that mom. Motherhood is hard, Lisa-Jo Baker readily admits, and it's hard for everyone. I think that's one thing I wish I'd known when I first became a mother. The struggles I faced were not fundamental flaws in my character; they were just part of the journey.Surprised by Motherhood is not a book to make you feel worse about your efforts as a mom. It's not a how-to for your most difficult parenting problems. It's a call to carry on. To keep on. It's like a letter from a trusted friend who assures you: you can do ... morethis.I'm putting this one on my "buy multiple copies" list so I can give them away as gifts.Surprised by Motherhood changes the game for parenting books. And that's a very good thing.
review 2: It's difficult to write about joy and peace and happiness well. I think that's why so many of my favorite songs are melancholy. It's difficult not to be cliche when describing the other side of the coin. This book, however, breaks that pattern. While I didn't care much about the author's personal tragedies, it did help frame her fear of motherhood and the beauty of how her heart was transformed. She was able to be raw and honest about the challenges parenthood without that becoming the focal point of the book. It is an incredibly difficult task to describe the depth of the joy that accompanies parenthood. This book is the best shot at it that I have read yet. And I don't like sappy - especially when pregnant! less
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awesome book. would definitely recommend this book..... I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Beautifully written. I cried my way through this book.
Touching book, expect to cry.
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