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Mexican High (2008)

by Liza Monroy(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 2
0385523599 (ISBN13: 9780385523592)
Spiegel & Grau
review 1: This has to be the worst book I've ever read in my life. As a mexican growing close to the social level that is depicted in this novel, I find it hilarious and to a point offensive how she portrays Mexican's ruling class and how she generalizes everything. I found the plot laughable, and could not stop thinking "thank God for Bret Easton Ellis". She talks about drugs as if they were nothing, with no real consequence Characters come and go, and talk like if they were on a soap opera and that would be fine except she is talking about a "reality". Characters are not developed, and only serve to prepare for the ridiculous princessy ending. I'm not sure if the author really lived that ending or she wrote the ending she never had when she studied in Mexico. And the cons... moretant description of what outfit she wore on a particular day makes this novel a bore. I wanted to shout to the author WHO CARES?!?! If she lived in such a complex envoirment, with so much to tell, she apparently only dwelled in the surface of things because believe me there is more to black and white in a school like the ASF, and Mexican upper class.I'd never found myself in a position where I forced myself to finish a book but I was expecting something to happen that redeem such poor work, but alas there was none.And what makes me angry is that, and the author claims it to be fiction, the impact this will have for people who've never been to Mexico and have never been in contact with "fresas" and other minorities. Shame on her for twisting a reality to write a book about how harmless drugs are and how corrupt, and smoggy is Mexico City.
review 2: 2010- I hadn't heard of this book before randomly picking it up and now I know why. It tells the story of Mila, who moves to Mexico with her Foreign Service Officer mother, which just happens to be the place where her unknown father lives. While Mila tries to figure out the identity of her father, she spends her time getting high, drinking, and having sex. Mila isn't likable, and all her ""friends"" quickly start to blend together. Even the reveal of her father isn't that exciting. Overall, a waste of time. less
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One of my fav books, couldn't put it down. Fun, wild, take you there sort of book!
lovedd it!! Mexico must have been cool. i like her mom's job:P
Good but not amazing
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