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Provence, 1970: M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard, And The Reinvention Of American Taste (2013)

by Luke Barr(Favorite Author)
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0307718344 (ISBN13: 9780307718341)
Clarkson Potter
review 1: Anyone who enjoys reading about food preparation and eating would enjoy this book. The many famous chefs in this book cook for each other and consume meals in restaurants honoring the local cooking of Provence. Simultaneously they are reevaluating cooking in America which was divided between complex French cuisine prepared by a few and canned, frozen, and prepared food served by the masses. When these chefs returned to America they began the cooking movement that encourages the simple preparation of local fresh foods. Other than the food bits which fortunately were significant, the book didn't do much for me. I felt like I kept rereading the same fifty pages with different meals. I guess I'm not much of a non fiction reader.
review 2: M.F.K. Fisher's grandson g
... moreives us a glimpse into the great minds of the culinary revolution in America by telling the story of one winter when key chefs/writers/editors convened in Provence to trade gossip, recipes and overt snobbery. Since the story is told in a time when letters were still prolific, these letters and journals serve as solid sources to give readers a flavor for the meals and conversations that happened among this group. "Provence, 1970" is a light read which is delightful if you enjoy food, wine and France. less
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Especially interesting having read Julia Child's biography (which I would recommend reading first!).
Apparently, I like reading about food writers as much as about food itself. Utterly fascinating.
Great read. Two of my favorite topics…Provence and food/cooking.
Literary nonfiction at its finest.
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