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Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories Of Survival (2014)

by Marcel Prins(Favorite Author)
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0545543622 (ISBN13: 9780545543620)
Arthur A. Levine Books
review 1: Powerful Book!! My 4th grade daughter bought this book at her school book fair for us to read together since had enjoyed reading Anne Frank's diary . "Hidden Like Anne Frank" is fourteen true stories of survival. All of these stories are set in the Netherlands during World War II. All focus on children (as young as 4 thru teenagers) who hid from the Nazis. Unlike Anne Frank, all survived and there is even a section at the end that shows all the 'children' as older adults. Sadly , although everyone of the children in this book suffered inner turmoil from their time in hiding. Some of the families they hid with were kind but others were doing it for money and/or other reasons. This was a great book for discussion and questions. We both liked that it was 14 different stor... moreies, each took about 20 minutes or so to read. We felt that we truly got to know each character.
review 2: Middle grade readers are often fascinated by the story of Anne Frank and shocked when they realize that she died in a concentration camp after all those months of hiding. This book tells the stories of fourteen young Holocaust survivors who, like Anne Frank, went into hiding in the Netherlands during WWII. Some were able to stay with members of their extended families, but others stayed with strangers, some kindly, risking their own lives to help these children or teens; others, not so kind-hearted but cruel and motivated by the money the Resistance provided for their care. Some found a safe place and were able to stay there while others lived in as many as 15 or 45 different homes. Many of them gave up their names, changed their hair color, and became distant from their relatives. Several bonded with their surrogate or adopted parents and hardly knew their parents when they returned to claim them. For others, though, they had to live with the knowledge that brothers, sisters, parents, almost their entire family died during the Holocaust while they survived. One of the most telling quotes comes from survivor Donald de Marcas who says, "What followed was years of tears. A whole lifetime. That war will not be over until I take my last breath" (p. 211). Although the stories vary in length, perhaps what makes them especially compelling is that they are told in the individual voices of each of these men and women who somehow survived as the result of luck, secret networks, foresighted parents, and determination. Some even found love during this horrible time. Each story contains photographs, and then the back matter highlights a gallery of all of the survivors, framed individually. Because the stories are so accessible and so brief, this book would be an excellent supplement to a Holocaust unit or one featuring Anne Frank or other stories about human rights violations. It is highly recommended. less
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I think this is written for young adults or children but I am finding it very interesting anyway.
This was an important book, but not an award winner.
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