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Bubble Trouble Board Book (1992)

by Margaret Mahy(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
0547507259 (ISBN13: 9780547507255)
HMH Books for Young Readers
review 1: 2 Stars, I know HARSH but it got 2 stars because the writing was excellent and really well thought out put together. The pictures are good, but all the rhyming and the endless prattling was obnoxious! It seemed like it took forever to read and it was just a mouthful. It was clearly meant to be read aloud (that is if you can hold the kids attention that long) For instance"But she bellowed, "Gracious, Greville!" and she groveled on the gravel, when the baby in the bubble bilbble-bobbled overhead. "Now that sentence once is not bad but the whole book all 37 miserable pages of it goes on and on in this same cadence and rhymes! Enough to make me want to scream.However, if you are looking for a good tongue twister book, this is it!
review 2: This book is a wonderf
... moreul example of a rhyming story. Reader beware: this book may take a little practice, the rhymes don’t slip easily off the tongue, but the text is such creative use of word play that the practice will pay off. “Little Mable blew a bubble, and it caused a lot of trouble. Such a lot of bubble trouble in a bibble-bobble way.” The bubble goes over Mabel’s baby brother and lifts him up out of his highchair. The baby floats outside with Mabel, her mother and then one by one more and more townspeople in rumpus pursuit. The crabby couple, the scrabble players, the patchwork quilters - they watch in horror when naughty Abel shots a pebble at the bubble. Not to fear - the patchwork quilt and the towns people save the rosy-cheeked baby.This will be perfect for storyhour in the library as children will enjoy so many aspects of this bookThe illustrations are charming especially the tiny feet and hands of each member of the family. I also liked the way the words would rise and fall on the pages just like the bubble that baby is in. It gives a great feeling of movement to the story!I would read this to my class when I start teaching becasue i know they will love it just like I did. less
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a tongue twisting tale, that was a great check out from the library for the kiddo
Very hard to read with the text in wavy lines and the nonsensical rhymes.
Others set out to save the baby trapped in a bubble.
Hilariously tongue tying story!
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