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Qu'en Pense Keith Richards ? (2010)

by Mark Blake(Favorite Author)
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2355840407 (ISBN13: 9782355840401)
review 1: I don't love the Rolling Stones. Of course I dig a lot of their songs, think they were great back in the day, but never had the impulse to follow them closely. In Nov. 2008 I saw COCKSUCKER'S BLUES at Anthology and came away with the impression that Mick Jagger is a drag. Keith Richards, however, is brilliant beyond belief, and this tiny book provides the proof. Epigrams, attributed quotes and invaluabe insight into the mind of one of today's most incredible minds.
review 2: This collection of quotes, anecdotes and stories from Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards serves several purposes. It demonstrates a kind of brutal candor which I personally appreciate, it displays a dry British sense of humor which is endearing, and while it isn’t for the faint of hea
... morert (the language is as you’d imagine, rather colorful) it is funny as hell. Most folks who know of Keith’s misadventures over the years would say it’s a miracle he’s still alive, but this book shows he’s more aware than he’s been given credit for. Stone Me also serves as a cautionary tale for those who might seek fame and fortune and the excesses that go hand in hand with it. There are many facets of Keith Richards, but in the end he’s actually a fairly noble bloke – when he talks about women he displays a healthy respect unlike his legendary band mates. When he talks about life he reminds me most of myself: “I’m all for a quiet life, I just didn’t get one”. less
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Keith Richards ! Un livre sur ce sujet ne peut pas être un mauvais livre ...
Funny as hell. Great collection of quotes and antecdotes.
what can i say he is keith richards.
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