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House Of Prayer No.2 - A Writer's Journey Home (2011)

by Mark Richard(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
1461820626 (ISBN13: 9781461820628)
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review 1: This was the strangest book! It was a memoir, but was all written in second-person (using "you" instead of "I" or the person's name). It made it very hard to read, but also limited my connection to the person. I felt very removed, as though I was looking in on this guy's life, but with no emotional interest in it. And the guy's life in general was just very strange! I would not recommend this book - it was just too different. On the plus side though, it was an extremely fast read!
review 2: If you're into memoirs, this should be a must read, especially if you have a sensibility to Southern writers and culture. March Richard grew up as a "special child" in the South due to deformed hips and constant surgeries. In and out of hospitals, he was an outsider,
... more for sure. His life spiraled into crazy lose ends. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of his nutty successes and failures, he found some sense of stability with his marriage and a successful writing career. less
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Cried. Beautifully written and inspiring memoir about life, survival, and spirituality.
Moving, heartbreaking, funny story of redemption. What an incredible story!
A bawdy faith testimony, raw and real!
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